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Bike rides in Tromsø - cycling holidays in Northern Norway

The nature in the Troms is varied with many opportunities for different cycling adventures. You can discover everything from quiet country roads (both sealed and gravel) where you ride in forest and open areas between majestic mountains to narrow coastal roads around fjords and out on islands, which inspire idyllic island-hopping bike trips.

You can extend many trips or make them shorter by taking bus, speedboat or ferry part of the way.
We can arrange for you the transfer of touring bikes to all Hurtigruten ports between Kirkenes and Bergen.

Having few days to ride around Tromsø I would definitely recommend you to consider spending some time on Senja.

For one day longer excursion we recommend ride Tromsø - Lysnes (Senja) - Botnhamn (Senja) - Brensholmen (Kvaløya) - Tromsø.
You can take  morning speedboat to Lysnes on Senja  cycle on Senja before you go to Sommarøy and cycle back to Tromsø.

A round trip by ferry to Lysnes on the island of Senja takes approximately 2 hours, and is possible on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The fare is NOK 260. You can take the boat just one way of course.

Ferry between Senja and Kvaløya departs several times each day during the summer.

A speedboat between Tromsø and Finnsnes had departures scheduled several times every day.

If you want a longer trip, take the ferry from there to Senja. On Senja there are many possibilities. On the coast side I would recommend Mefjord Brygge the first night, after a trip out to Husøy and Skarvesteinen cafe. I have heard rumors that this cafe has limited operation, so it may be wise to check before departure. Hamn i Senja is fine as the next night overstay. High standard. All these accommodations are serving, and cyclist friendly, specially adapted for cyclists.

If you want to see more of Senja, there are many nice places down on the south part of Senja but no high standard accommodation. There is camping between Brygghaugen and Silsand (Senja Camping), and in Tranøybotn, Flakstadvåg and Skrolsvik. From Flakstadvåg and Skrolsvik you can take the speedboat to Harstad.
On the inside of Senja, you have several options for accommodation. But I'd like to recommend to rent the house on Grasmyr (Senja Family Park), about 7 km north of Silsand. Max 8 or 9 beds and self catering. Alternatively Senja Youth Hostel, which is also a cozy place 4 km north of Silsand, with simple standard. If you return by bikes to Botnhamn and Kvaløya, there are camping in Strønnesbotn, Fjordbotn Camping.

Tips for exploring Lofoten Islands

Self guided trips 5 and 9 days

Tromsø Outdoor cooperates with Discover Norway and deliver well equipped touring bikes for their trips in Northern Norway. In the offer you find two self guided and guided cycle trips starting in Tromsø

9 days Arctic Coast Cycling, in the Land of the Midnight Sun


5 days Senja - Bike under the midnight sun.

Tours include accommodation, several meals, luggage transport and all logistic support for you, however you have many posibilities to plan holidays by yourself as well.

From Hamn i Senja it's not so far to Gryllefjord, where the ferry goes to Andenes and Andøy. When you first are in the area and cycle around, it's worth visiting Andøy. You could try whale safari from Andenes.

More info regarding Andøya.

If you want the full inclusive offer Grønnbua 2 is a great option. If you cycle down to the southern tip, the outer coast side is most spectacular, with long white beaches and bird islands in the ocean. From Risøyhamn you can take the Hurtigruten (costal steamer) up to Tromsø. Then you take your last sleep over at Marmelkroken, and need to get up early. Hurtigruten are at Risøyhamn at 4:15 to 4:30. Otherwise you can cycle to Harstad and take the speedboat back. It is fine to send the bikes to Tromsø on the boat from Harstad, and take flight from Evenes. But I think it's just as easy to just take the boat up to Tromsø and fly from here.

We have no opportunity to take bicycles in return from Andenes.

For more details about all the tours we recommend visit our Tromsø Outdoor BikeMap profile.

February 15, 2019
February 15, 2019