Safety and Risk Assessment at Tromsø Outdoor AS tours

The safety of our guests and staff is our primary concern here at Tromsø Outdoor. To ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable experience on our tours we take the following steps:

Each of our employees must take part in a first aid course or has a current first aid certificate.

We have extensive risk assessment documents for each activity we conduct. These are available for all our guides at all times. In the documents, we include all the risks we foresee occurring during the trip. We detail the steps recommended to prevent these risks, and the actions required if an accident occurs.

All our guides must familiarize themselves with the documents and follow these procedures.

We have a structured training procedure. All our guides must take part in a tour before they lead it. We demonstrate how we want the tour to operate (including guest safety) and how we take care of the environment and culture.

Tromsø Outdoor is divided into different areas. Activities, rental centre and workshop. Each area has a leader/manager. The leader is responsible for updating risk assessments and ensuring employees know and follow them.

If an accident does occur, we prepare an accident report. If a tour operator made your booking, we will contact them. We ensure that guests find medical assistance if required and follow up on their situation after the activity.

Our guides will ask before the activity starts if guests have any health conditions (diabetes etc.) to be aware of in case of an accident. Guests should be aware that they need to inform guides about any health conditions that may be relevant for their and other people's safety during the tour.

We wish all our guests a safe and enjoyable tour with us at Tromsø Outdoor.