Tromsø Outdoor AS terms and conditions


All ordered equipment shall be collected and returned within Tromsø Outdoor opening hours unless arranged otherwise in advance. You can find our opening hours on the bottom of our website.

If you arrive on a public holiday or a weekend during the low season we recommend checking for the latest updates on opening hours.

If you arrive outside of our regular opening hours, we can deliver and/or collect equipment from hotels located in the city center (a fee of 100 NOK or 450 NOK for each collection and delivery applies).

Occasionally the rental center can be opened outside of normal store hours (service fee of 400 NOK applies). This needs to be arranged separately prior to your arrival.


All prices are stated in Norwegian Krones (NoK). Prices for equipment rental cover the rental of the equipment only. You will need to collect and return the equipment to Tromsø Outdoor Activity and Rental Centre at Sjøgata 14, Tromsø, unless you arrange a delivery/collection (see above). Costs incurred with transportation of equipment to another site are not included in the rental price, and are to be paid as arranged.

Costs of damage, stolen, or lost equipment will be added to the rental costs in case equipment gets lost, stolen, or damaged.


We require a minimum number of at least two participants on each tour, if there is only one person booked on the activity on a particular day or time we may have to cancel the tour. In this case we will offer a place on an alternative activity, a different day, or a full refund of the tour costs.

Given that they are all outdoors, our activities are weather dependent. In case we need to cancel an activity due to the weather conditions (eg. lack of snow) we will offer you place on an alternative activity or a full refund of the tour costs.

Please provide information about any allergy, relevant health conditions or special needs you may have when you make your booking.

Included in the price of a trip we provide equipment needed for the activity, but not the clothes. Remember to bring warm wind and waterproof clothes and boots, as well as a hat and mittens/gloves on all our tours. You can rent clothes from us, but this needs to be arranged separately in time before the tour starts.

You need to meet at the start point latest 10 minutes before the departure.

Tromsø Outdoor liability insurance can be reviewed on request however you must be sure that your own insurance covers costs of the medical treatment or emergency services you may require during your holidays.

Make sure that you follow the guide`s instruction, otherwise our the insurance will not cover your possible injuries or damages.


You can change the date of a booked activity up to 14 days before the activity start date without any charges. If you would like to change the date of the activity after this point, this is only possible if we have places available last moment or to the earlier date. We do not change activity dates to later with a short notice without applying cancellation fees.


  1. The rental period applies for the dates stipulated in the booking.
  2. The rental period for equipment is per day (1 day is any time up to 24 hours).
  3. Full payment of the rental costs is required upon booking. We provide you with an opportunity to pay online using a Visa or Master Card. We use secure PayEx transactions. If the terms of payment are not followed as outlined, the reservation is deemed cancelled within 2 days.
  4. For return of rentals before the day indicated on booking, you will not receive refund of the rental costs.
  5. If you wish to return rentals later than you indicated on reservation you need to contact us in advance and check if the equipment is available. If we confirm the date change you need to pay the additional rental fees latest when you return the rentals.
  6. Tromsø Outdoor AS cannot guarantee you will be able to extend the rental period, but we do our best to have equipment available in the rental centre and in most of cases it is no problem. Please contact us if in doubt and we can provide you information about current reservations.
  7. Tromsø Oudoor AS always aims to provide you with the ideal sport equipment and clothes so you can always change clothing size or sports equipment when you arrive, as long as we have these available. Tromsø Outdoor AS cannot guarantee the availability of equipment in a different size than booked.
  8. Consumer goods such as paraffin, white spirit, wood, etc. are not included in the hire price and are charged based on consumption or need to be purchased separately (eg. gas cartridges).
  9. The rental and all use of equipment is at the client’s own risk, and the client bears full responsibility for any loss or damage which arises during the rental period. The client is also responsible for any other person who he/she allows to use the equipment. Tromsø Outdoor AS assumes no financial responsibility for loss or injury to people, property, business affairs or the like which may arise through use of the rented equipment.
  10. Any problems with the equipment should be immediately reported to Tromsø Outdoor AS by e-mail or phone.
  11. For some of the equipment rentals a 2000 NOK deposit is required. Check your booking confirmation for details. If equipment is returned in the same condition as it was rented out, the deposit will be returned in full on the spot (if paid cash) or within a few business days (if paid via credit card), these time depends on your bank and it may take longer before the reservation is deleted from your card.


  1. Tromsø Outdoor AS is not responsible for tire punctures during the rental period and for inappropriate changing of the tube resulting in further punctures. Customers are responsible for changing the tube or repairing a punctured tube on their own. One spare tube and several patches are included in the rental rate.
  2. Tromsø Outdoor AS is not responsible for problems with bikes or other equipment resulting from inappropriate use of the bike or it's elements (eg. overloading, adjusting the bike gears or breaks, etc.). Costs of the bike service or assistance in such cases must be covered by the customer.
  3. Any problems with the bikes should immediately be reported to Tromsø Outdoor AS by e-mail or phone.
  4. Tromsø Outdoor AS is committed to providing all necessary support and assistance during your journey and we are available via phone 24/7 if you need assistance.
  5. Tromsø Outdoor AS highly recommends bringing bikes indoors overnight to prevent them being stolen. We also recommend that you never leave bikes unattended without locking them up.


Tromsø Oudoor AS DOES NOT OFFER insurance on rented equipment or it's users. Renters are liable for the loss, theft, or damage of equipment and must cover the cost of any repairs or replacement, up to the price of new equipment of the same type and brand. Possible charges will be issued on the spot. The costs associated with any repairs will be considered on a case-by-case basis after consultation with our service points.


The following cancellation fees apply:

Cancellations of bookings for all rental services

Cancellations received within 1 hour of making the reservation or more than 60 days prior to the date of a rental: no charge

31 - 59 days prior to the date of rental: 25% of the total rental price

8 - 30 days prior to the date of rental: 50% of the total rental price

Less than 8 days prior to the date of rental: 100% of the total rental price

Cancellations of bookings for guided activities for individual guests

Cancellations received within 1 hour of making the reservation or more than 72 hours: no charge

Less than 72 hours prior to an activity: 100% of the total activity price

Any cancellations should be provided in written form (by e-mail to and apply from the date Tromsø Outdoor AS has received written notification of the cancellation.

Cancellations of bookings for guided activities for groups

Cancellations received within 1 hour of making the reservation or more than 60 days prior to the date of a rental or activity: no charge

30 - 15 days prior to the date of the activity - 50% of the total activity price

Less than 15 days prior to the date of the activity - 100% of the total activity price

Change of the numbers of participants of up to 25% is allowed up to 15 days prior to departure free of charge

One tour leader is welcome to join us free of charge with every 15 paying adult guests.


All prices are subject to change as a result of any amendments to VAT and other relevant taxes and fees.

The above terms and conditions are applicable from 01.11.2018.