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Bike ride around sounthern part of Kvaløya

Bike ride around southern part of Kvaløya
ca. 140 km, 1 or 2 days, road / touring bikes

Downtown Tromsø - Eidskjosen - Kattfjorden - Sommarøy - Straumsbukta - downtown Tromsø

This is a fantastic one/two days bike ride around Tromsø with possibility to stay overnight at Sommarøya. You can camp in tent, stay in a high standard fishermen’s cottage or hotel room in the Brennsholmen/Sommarøy area.

You start in the city center and head out in the direction of the airport over Sandnessund Bridge over to Kvaløya. Here you turn south to Eidskjosen, where you turn right at the junction by Eide Handel towards Sommarøy. It is the last shop before Brensholmen! and one of the oldest grocery stores in the vicinity. You can step inside to enjoy hot lunch or dinner and ice-cream in the buffet there. Their meat and fish desk is also famous for selling locally produced goods including whale and reindeer.

You are now in the Kaldfjorden and continue beyond 4 km, until you come to Henrikvik. Here you turn left, signposted Sommarøy, and reach a relatively steep and long climb ahead, until you are on top Kattfjordeidet, which is about 150 meters. Good news: it is the only serious climb on your way. In Kattfjordeidet there is a nice picnic area with tables and benches. Good place for the break.

When you roll down from Kattfjordeidet you come down to Nordfjord, which is part of Kattfjord. Here follow the signs to the left (direction Sommarøy), and follows the fjord all the way to Sommarøy.

Do you feel like a little detour, continue straight forward towards Vasstrand and Lauklines. This is about 10km long charming dead end road with few nice picnic areas with tables and benches. You can also experience the old cabin environment at Lauklines and Tulleng brewer. A good tip is to hike Vasstinden, where there is a marked path up from Lauklines. At the top you have amazing views over the Kvaløya, down North Senja, Malangen and the islands and the sea. For a bit shorter hike Stortuva is a dream destination.

On the way towards Sommarøy you will pass Sjøtun, where Sjøtun Brygge (brew) can offer over night stay and meals for groups on request. Their cafe may be open during the main season. It is also possible to turn left and follow a dirt road to Rødfjellet. This is a relatively hard ride with a rise of 450m, and the gravel road has some places bad standard. Currently road is used to build a wind power plant. We do not recommend to take this route without an MTB.

Further out towards Sommarøy you need to pass a tunnel. Remember to press the button informing drivers that you are cycling inside! Few kilometers after the tunnel you reach an intersection in Sandvika, where you turn right. After a few hundred yards here you can take to the right again, down to the sea and a sandy beach we recommend as a camping spot. The place to enjoy the midnight sun and tranquil atmosphere of the place. A tip, if that you first trip out to Sommarøy, before you unpack the tent in Sandvika head first to explore Sommarøy. This is where the road stops and the end point of the trip. On Sommarøy you will find hotels, grocery store, campground, toilets, small zoo! (in the barn on the right side, after you pass the road heading in to the hotel) and otherwise an active fishing village.

The next day, head towards Tromsø again but this time on the south side of Kvaløya. The first village you will come to is Brensholmen. here you can catch ferry over to Botnhamn on Senja. Brensholmen has also the grocery store. Road continues in the gently flat and little hilly terrain, mostly along the waterfront, past the villages Buvik, Greipstad and Bakkejord. here it is worth to plan a stop and visit Tove's art glass studio to enjoy local craft work over a cup of cafe and a fresh waffle.

Next bigger village on your way is Straumsbukta. A warm and sunny agricultural village. Do not miss the outdoor museum on your right hand side on the end of the village! Few cabins and boat houses with the grass on the roofs create picturesque landscape worth a stop.

A few miles past Straumsbukta you arrive to Hella, and Rystraumen maelstrom - outdoor area with tables, benches and toilets. Ryastraumen is also known for its fine fishing on the rocks down to the sea. Just past Hella is also a rock carving that is now opened for the show. You turn left about 1 km after Hella.

Cycling further you reach Tisnes - take a small detour to the right to enjoy good views of Tromsø Island and the mainland and take your chance to see the moose! Tisnes is known as an area of moose observation. Back on the main road if you continue few more kilometers you will reach Tromsø Villmarkssenter. It is Norway'ss largest dog kennel. Their huskies work during dog sledding tours in winter. During the summer months they run a cafe and you can spend some time with huskies or play with the puppies before you get to Håkøybotn with Håkøya.

Visit to Hakøya would be an other detour, it is worth to stop for a moment and find place marked with the monument, where the German battleship Tirpiz sank, just outside the island during World War 2. The remaining of the wrack can still be seen during the low tide.

From Håkøybotn you are just a short moment away from Eide handel and almost back in Tromsø. Rike through Kvaløysletta, Sandnessund back over the bridge and downtown. You can choose whether you want to ride over the island, or around the southern tip. The road across the island is a bit unwieldy, and has a slope of approximately 100 m, while around the southern tip is slightly longer but follows the sea without incline.

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February 18, 2019
February 18, 2019