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Bike rides in Tromsø - longer day tours and weekend trips, distance over 40 km

Bike rides in Tromsø - longer day tours and weekend trips, distance over 40 km

The nature in the Troms is varied with many opportunities for different cycling adventures. You can discover everything from quiet country roads (both sealed and gravel) where you ride in forest and open areas between majestic mountains to narrow coastal roads around fjords and out on islands, which inspire idyllic island-hopping bike trips.

You can extend many trips or make them shorter by taking bus, speedboat or ferry part of the way.
We can arrange for you the transfer of touring bikes to all Hurtigruten ports between Kirkenes and Bergen.

You can head all the way from Tromsø to Sommarøy, Tromvik, Kvaløyvågen or Hansnes / Dåfjord, or you can ride to Oldervik, Sjursnes, Breivikeidet, Lyngseidet, Laksvatn or Nordkjosbotn on the mainland.

You can choose from many (50-150km) day or weekend trips in different directions from Tromsø,  To ride shorter distances you can consider taking part of the way by bus, check the schedules and prices at http://www.tromskortet.no/

Please notice it is not possible to guarantee bike transport on the bus in advance but it is possible always when there is enough space in the bus.

Below you can see few examples of a shorter trips in the vicinity of Tromsø (distances one way).

1. Kaldfiord – Tromvik: 34 km, 350 metres denivelation (if you start in Tromsø add 15/18 km and some vertical metres)
2. Kaldfiord – Sommarøy: 41 km or 60 km if cycled around southern coast of the Kvaløya island (if you start in Tromsø add 15/18 km and some vertical metres)
3. Tromsø – Belvika 23 km 377metres denivelation or 27 km and 290m denivelation. Here you can take a ferry to beautiful Vengsøya and spend some time on the island
4. Kaldfiord – Hakøya 8 km, 40 metres denivelation

If you are an amateur of longer trips with touring or road bike it's great idea to ride both the islands and inland.

1. Tromsø-Skarsfjord-Tromsø 103km(1xclimb180m)(1x tunel under sea 60m)
2. Tromsø-Hansnes-Tromsø 126km(1xclimb110m)(1x tunel under sea 60m)
3. Tromsø-Kvaløyvågen-Tromsø 79km(flat)
4. Tromsø-Tromvik-Tromsø 100km(1xclimb190m)
5. Tromsø-Sommarøy-Straumsbukta-Tromsø 131km(1xclimb 150m)
6. Tromsø-Mortenhals-Malangseidet-Tromsø 142km(1xclimb 150m)(1x tunel under sea 100m)
7. Tromsø-Selnes-Laksvatn-Tromsø 124km(nearly flat)
8. Tromsø-Breivikeidet-Sjursnes-Tromsø 123km(nearly flat)
9. Tromsø-Lyngseidet-Nordkjosbotn-Tromsø 201km(nearly flat)
10. Tromsø-Oldervik-Tromsø 88km(1xclimb 150m)

West from Tromsø - on Kvaløya, in Eidkjosen you can visit Eide Handel one of the oldest grocery stores in the vicinity and enjoy hot lunch or dinner and ice-cream in the buffet there. Shop is also famous for selling local fish and meat including whale and reindeer.

In Ersfjordbotn you must visit Bryggejentene and try their famous carrot cake.

Tromsø Villmarkssenter during the summer months opens cafe and you can spend thre some time with huskies and play with the puppies.

East from Tromsø on the mainland you pass several local farms, among them Widding Gård where you can buy locally produced eggs and vegetables on the spot (direction Ramfjord).

If you look for a weekend trip, ride around the Southern part of Kvaløya. You start and finish in Tromsø and stay overnight in Sommarøy. Sommarøy Arctic Hotel is a good place to stay or start the tour to Senja!

Having few days to ride around Tromsø we would definitely recommend you to consider spending some time on Senja.

For one day longer excursion or 2 days ride we recommend route Tromsø - Lysnes (Senja) - Botnhamn (Senja) - Brensholmen (Kvaløya) - Tromsø.
You can take  morning speedboat to Lysnes on Senja  cycle on Senja before you go to Sommarøy and cycle back to Tromsø.

A round trip by ferry to Lysnes on the island of Senja takes approximately 2 hours, and is possible on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The fare is ca NOK 260 (price can change). You can take the boat just one way of course.

Ferry between Senja and Kvaløya departs several times each day during the summer.

A speedboat between Tromsø and Finnsnes had departures scheduled several times every day.

For more details about all the tours we recommend visit our Tromsø Outdoor BikeMap profile.

February 15, 2019
February 15, 2019