Where to go ski touring in Tromsø area?

Tromsø Outdoor suggestions for ski touring and splitboard tours

The Tromsø region is a fabulous destination for ski touring and there are plenty of opportunities for everyone - from beginners to advanced skiers and splitboarders. If you browse through the resources below you will find well over 100 various trips. Some of the information is now quite old and good judgement is required. If in doubt, contact Tromsø Ski Guides and hire a guide. 

Popular mountains easy to reach from Tromsø are:

- Rødtind

- Lille Blåmann

- Fagerfjellet

- Finnlandsfjellet

You can find great descriptions of a huge number of tours on the following

websites: www.ryggsekk.nethttps://toppturmania.blogspot.com and http://kugo.no.

An online topographical map of Norway is available at: www.norgeskart.no (also available as a mobile phone app - Android and Apple).

The ski touring guidebook, written by Espen Nordahl: ''Ski touring in Troms. 82 Arctic summits! A backcountry ski guide to some of the finest coastal mountains of Northern Norway'' describes and has maps of a large number of tours in the Troms region, including Lyngen. We have this book in stock for sale at Tromsø Outdoor Activity and Rental Center.

It is important to know that the avalanche risk in the Troms region is often high and you need to be prepared for this - always carry your avalanche safety equipment and make sure you chose your tour according to the latest avalanche conditions. Check our page on avalanche risks.

Rødtind is considered to be relatively safe for avalanches and a good destination for beginners. It is also reachable by bus from Tromsø.

If you have some experience downhill skiing but have not yet tried skitouring, you may want to check out Tromsø Outdoor Introduction to Ski Touring – guided trip for beginners. Our guides are looking forward to take you out!

Tromsø Outdoor wishes you a great trip!