Splitboard size guide

If you are an experienced splitboarder choose a board based on your experience and preferences.

If you are not sure look at our suggestions below or book a board that is about 20 cm shorter than you.

The approximate weight tolerance is +/-15%.


Size 148 cm - weight range: 49-71 kg/ 100-150 lbs

Size 152 cm - weight range: 51-73 kg/ 110-160 lbs


Size 158 cm - weight range: 59-82 kg/ 130-180lbs

Size 161 cm - weight range: 64-86 kg/ 140-190 lbs

Size 164 cm - weight range: 72-95 kg/160-210 lbs

Size 165cm wide - weight range: 73-95 kg/ 160-210 lbs

More information and tips on how to choose the right board size can be found on the Jones website and below.

For a majority of riders and terrain, your ideal splitboard size is the same as your freeride/powder board. If you primarily ride a freestyle board in ski resorts then you’ll want to size up 5cm for best performance in off-piste powder. If you plan on doing a lot of multi-day tours, or only splitboarding on really deep powder days, go with a longer powder board size. In general, be conservative when sizing up. Smaller splitboards are lighter on the way up and more nimble in the inevitably tight backcountry terrain. The shapes and rocker profiles on Jones splitboards are designed to provide excellent float in compact sizes and you can always set back the stance for those ridiculously deep days. Larger-footed riders should stick to wide sizes as it can be sketchy to ride a splitboard that’s too narrow on steep, firm terrain. If your goal is to tour all season long you want to choose a size that is easily manoeuvrable in all conditions - winter fluff to spring hard pack.

Women’s Solution

Sizes available at Tromsø Outdoor: 148 and 152cm

For the inevitably variable backcountry snow conditions, most women will prefer the 152 cm. The 152 cm provides an ideal balance of float and manoeuvrability for the average-sized woman. Note that the blunted tips on the Solution pack more float than your average board. The 152 cm rides like a traditional 154 cm. Smaller women should check out the 148 cm and taller, heavier women should try the 152 cm. If you want larger board, Tromsø Outdoor only offers the men's model of the 156 cm board.

Men's Solution

Sizes available at Tromsø Outdoor: 158, 161, 164, 165W cm

The Solution is a hard-charging and playful splitboard that is designed to excel in all snow conditions. It is the same shape, size and camber profile as the Flagship.

The Solution features a blunted, rockered nose and tail that give the board insane float for its length. You can downsize the Solution 2-3 cm from your regular powder board. We have found that you can use the smaller size Solutions (158, 161, 162W cm) in all but stupidly deep powder by just setting back the stance a bit more. The shorter size is lighter which is nice on the way up and more nimble in the inevitably variable backcountry conditions. The bigger sizes (164, 165W, 166, 169W) are great for taller, heavier-than-average riders or those with the intention of frequent overnight splitboard trips carrying heavy tour packs.

The most popular size Solution is 161 cm. Lighter guys with small feet might benefit from a 158 cm, especially if your normal board size is 156-158 cm.

If you feel you need a shorter board please take a look at woman models that we offer.

If you have size US size 12 (or more) boots, look at the 165W or 169W for best performance on steep, hard-pack terrain. Anything smaller and you might heel out on steep terrain depending on how you set the heel/toe spacing of your split bindings. The 162W is mid-wide and ideal for US boot sizes 10.5-12.