Certified ski guides, ski holidays, ice climbing, and avalanche training in the Tromsø, Lyngen and Senja area

When you plan ski mountaineering holidays the first thing you need to think about is your safety. In the Tromsø area, there are many easily-accessible and beautiful places where beginners can ski without any problems, however, you should remember to always carry an avalanche beacon, shovel and probe when travelling in avalanche terrain and know how to use them. Back-country travel requires an acceptance of the risks involved (avalanches are not the only danger) and implies a willingness to take responsibility for educating oneself about these dangers and ways to mitigate them.

The best way to ensure you will make the most of your holidays and stay safe is to join experienced local guides.

Internationally approved guides with certification from the IFMGA / IVBV (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) Most Norwegian guides have certification from NORTIND - NORSKE TINDEVEILEDERE

Norske Tindeveiledere is the only Norwegian representative of the IFMGA/IVBV. NORTIND certifies mountain guides with the IFMGA's international standards and is responsible for organizing, educating, and refreshing the skills of mountain guides in Norway.

With that in mind, below is a list of certified guides based in the Tromsø area. We highly recommend their services to all our guests.

Tromsø Ski Guides

Owners Lena Dahl (IFMGA) and Merrick Mordal- offer backcountry ski experience with boat/car access around Tromsø. Offer avalanche and outdoor education courses.

Ascent Descent 

ski holidays, ski weeks, mountain lodge, avalanche safety courses, ice climbing activities, day tours customised for private groups at all times of the year

Tromsø Mountain Guides

guided tours on snow, ice and rock; climbing and avalanche courses in the Tromsø area

We also recommend:

Bergbjørn Fjellservice, Tore Bergbjørn

ski guiding, alpine climbing, avalanche courses and mountain cycling in the Bodø area

Lyngen Guide, Mikal Nerberg

ski guiding mostly in the Lyngen Alps

Bre og Fjell AS

ski guiding in the Lyngen Alps and islands along the Troms coast

Mountain Spirit Guides 

six-day ski holiday packages, ski touring in the Lyngen Alps, Lofoten islands, and on Svalbard from land and from the sea

photo: Hendrik Morkel / Unsplash.com

Local guides without IFMGA/IVBV 

Bent Vidar Eilertsen - Guiding on Senja - he is currently training with NORTIND

alpine climbing, ski mountaineering, ice climbing, avalanche training, holiday packages: off-piste ski week, ice climbing weekend, alpine week

Peter Schön – Avalanche consulting and training

Canadian Avalanche Association Level 3 (Applied Avalanche Risk Management) certification, ski guiding in Lyngen, Kåfjord and on the islands Kågen and Årnøya, avalanche safety courses

Ski and sail holidays - skippered yacht charters

Boreal Yachting

skiing and sailing adventures in Northern Norway in springtime in Lyngen, Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja regions


three- and four-day packages: skiing from summit to sea and sailing in the Lyngen Alps region with a sauna and spa on board