Where to snowshoe in Tromsø?
Where to snowshoe in Tromsø?

Where to snowshoe in Tromsø?

Ideas, directions, buses

When you pick up the snowshoes we can recommend you some nice routes based on the weather and snow conditions at the time.

As most of us like to plan, Tromsø Outdoor has written som suggestions below on where to go:

  • A very nice trip with snowshoes is from upper station of the Cable Car to the peak behind, called Fløya, and further on (1-3hour walk)
  • Rødtinden and parts of Kjølen massif on Kvaløya (bus nr 42 to Storelva, 3-5 hours) is another easily available and very attractive destination
  • Forestry area on the top of Tromsøya Island just in our town also provides a lot of beautiful terrain to explore.

This are safe areas accessible for everyone easily without the car or even by walking distance.

  • Another nice, though a bit more challenging hike starts in Kroken up the valley behind the Alpine Ski Center (you can get there by bus 24 and 20).

For a multiday trip we recommend to snowshoe along a trail starting in Tromsdalen or Kroken leading to Snarbyeidet. It is a relatively safe route and there are four DNT cabins along the route. You can also hike just parts of the way - click here for more information about the route. There is a bus from Tromsø to Oldervik that stops in Snarbyeidet, you can find the schedule on tromskortet.no.

If you want to go in steeper terrain, you need a guide who knows about the avalanche risks and how to assess the avalanche danger. You can rent avalanche safety equipment at Tromsø Outdoor with the snowshoes. Remember to always wear clothes appropriate for the weather and have some extra warm clothes, mittens, hat and food in your backpack.

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