Must know before you go camping in Norway
Must know before you go camping in Norway

Must know before you go camping in Norway

Here are some facts worth knowing about temperature and weather, clothing, laws and regulations and equipment you need for camping.

Equipment for camping:

-Sleeping mat
-Sleeping bag
-Reindeer hide
-Cooking set
-Gas burner

Weather and Temperature

Always check the weather forecasts before going camping. For the best experience, we encourage you to go on a day with dry weather. The temperature may vary, so be prepared for good and bad weather.
It can be just as nice to camp in the winter as in the summer, but make sure you have the right equipment for the season.
Especially during winter, there are major differences between Tromsø and the inland, in Tromsø there is mild climate because of the sea. Further inland it can be down to -20'C during winter.


Always carry spare change, especially important to have extra socks, in the backpack.
If you plan to walk a lot, be sure to wear comfortable, waterproof hiking boots.
We recommend you to have a water and windproof jacket.
Even in the summertime, we recommend you to bring a pair of gloves and a hat for your camping.

If you decide going camping during winter, Tromsø Outdoor has warm clothing for rent.

Laws and regulations

In Norway we have laws that say you are not allowed to camp within 150 m of inhabited houses and cottages, without the landowner's permission. It is also not allowed to stay longer than two days in the same place, without the landowner's permission. You may stay as long as you want and wherever you want in mountainous and outlying areas, without additional consent from anyone.

From April 15th to September 15th it is not allowed to light fires in the forest because of the danger of forest fires. It is also to preserve nature through the peak season of camping.

Keep in mind recycling, and try not to leave traces after you. Do not leave garbage and toiletpaper. Leave the nature as you found it.
If you light a fire, try to use an existing bonfire place.
If you go camping in an area with several tents, show respect to your neighbors, give all the distance and freedom they seek in nature.

Read through and understand the mountain code before you set out on a trip. Stop by Tromsø Outdoor rental center and pick up a brochure with the mountain code or read it here.

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