How to stay warm during your holidays in Tromsø
How to stay warm during your holidays in Tromsø

How to stay warm during your holidays in Tromsø

Even the most magic holidays and experience can be ruined if you will not feel comfortable and warm. Not wearing appropriate boots and clothes in our conditions you risk not only your memories but also your health.

It is very important that your clothes are suitable for the weather conditions and planned activities.

We recommend to all Tromsø-visitors to wear multiple layers of clothes. The outer layer must be wind- and waterproof. The inner layers should include:

-          Base layer (wool/synthetic)
-          Thin mid-layer (wool/fleece) and
-          Thick third layer

By dressing in these layers, you will stay warm on your city walks, northern light trips, ski/snowshoe trips, boat trips and other outdoor activities.


  • It is the air and your blood that keeps you warm; your clothes should be loose to assist comfort, good blood circulation and trap air to keep you warm
  • Even the warmest shoes will not keep you warm if they are too small or if you wear too many layers of socks, making your feet too tight and slowing down the blood circulation in your feet
  • You need to dry your boots well after every use, wet or damp boots will not be warm!
  • Even wearing warm clothes you need to move around to stay warm, you cannot stand still outside for hours
  • When you stay active you warm up fast, therefore it is good to have small backpack for the clothes you do not need to wear at the moment but may need to put on later
  • Always have some spare socks and gloves with you i case these get wet
  • Plan and make sure you get enough rest and drink a lot of water. When your body is tired you will feel cold.

Cold-weather clothing is typically included in activities such as dog sledding, snowmobile driving and reindeer sleigh. Remember to inquire about this when talking with your tour operator. Some Northern Light excursions also offer a thermal suit and winter boots, but not all of them.

Tromsø Outdoor provides outer clothes for adults, children and in large sizes - up to 9XL (app.186cm belt length for trousers and jacket).

To keep you warm during your stay in Tromsø we offer two kinds of clothing packages. Both of these two packages will keep you warm while outside. A perfect solution in case you do not own winter gear or want to save luggage space. However, remember that you still need to bring your own base and mid layer clothes or buy them on the spot.

Exclusive Arctic Clothing Package

- down jacket
- thermal pants
- winter boots
- mittens and hat

The Exclusive Arctic Clothing Package consists of a 2-piece set (jacket and thermal pants) and is the more comfortable option for a longer stay - more city friendly if you want -, which will still keep you warm in cold weather during excursions.  

Arctic Clothing Package

- thermal suit
- winter boots
- mittens and hat

The Arctic Clothing Package (one-piece warm suit) is great if you need additional warm and wind proof shell for outdoor activities or Northern light chases. A one suit prevents snow from entering into your inner layers - even in strong winds and if you plan to play in the snow, lie down, slide etc.

Prices for adults/children below 16yo
Arctic clothing package
1 day   NOK 315,-/200,-
2 days NOK 440,-/280,-
3 days NOK 540,-/350,-
4 days NOK 620,-/400,-
5 days NOK 690,-/450,-
Every next day NOK 70,-/50,-

Exclusive arctic clothing package
1 day   NOK 430,-/280,-
2 days NOK 590,-/380,-
3 days NOK 730,-/470,-
4 days NOK 830,-/540,-
5 days NOK 910,-/595,-
Every next day NOK 90,-/60,-

One day rental = any time up to 24 hours.

To book Tromsø Outdoor Winter Clothes and Footwear in advance please find the size of the clothes for you and use the Tromsø Outdoor website to order articles for yourself. You can also rent on the spot when you arrive as long as we have clothes/sizes available.


Tromsø Outdoor is open daily 09:00-18:00.  You can pick up and return rentals during these hours.

If you need your rental delivered to your hotel you can order this service online together with other rentals, or separately on a later date. Just remember that this service must be ordered minimum 5 days prior to the date of rental. Service fee applies.

If you require a delivery, you will need to complete and sign the equipment rental contract before we deliver the order for you. You need to fill out, sign and scan the contract and send it back to  post@tromsooutdoor.no together with a picture/copy of your ID. We will send an empty form to you when we register your reservation.

February 13, 2019
February 13, 2019


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