Tromsø Outdoor clothes and boots size charts

Find the right clothing sizes

When choosing clothing sizes remember that you need to accommodate additional mid- and under-layers of clothes under your jacket and pants. Remember to bring warm long underwear and mid layers with you.

If, when you arrive, you find that the clothes you booked do not fit correctly we will do all we can to provide the right size, provided we have them available.

Please use the below size charts to determine which clothing size you need and make the reservation online.

Most of our clothing is from Norwegian brands, who tend to produce clothes that are longer than average. This is usually an advantage though, since it will keep you warmer and will protect you from snow and wind better.

When choosing pants we recommend finding the size that fits your waist correctly, even if this means you might have to roll up the bottom of your pants.

In general, our clothes are on the larger end of the size range, so if you are between sizes we advise that you opt for the smaller one.

For the smallest children we offer warmsuits in sizes 74, 86, 88 and 104cm.

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