Winter cyling in Tromsø by Daan Remijnse

The e-fatbikes are against the front of Tromsø Outdoor. The wide 4 inch wheels make eye contact

with an older Norwegian. The bystander is impressed. His curious look turns to my face, but his

questioning eyes remain silent. After a short instruction from owner and guide Magne we hit the

road….snow! The studded tires grip the ice smoothly and prevent uncomfortable sliding.

Tromsø Outdoor

"Known as the gateway to the arctic north, the city is buried in snow, ice and darkness."

Tromsø in the winter

Two hours of cycling is on the program. Earlier in Finland I experienced how hard cycling in the snow can be. Especially when there is too much pressure in the tires. This time it is different. The wheels spin with little physical effort. What an invention is the pedal assistance! As if I continuously have wind force 6 in the back… a wonderful feeling! The display indicates that I can continue for 70 km like this. At a hill or bridge, I only shift to control the cadence and speed. Without my heartbeat going like crazy, I enjoy all the beauty that I see around me. It is the end of January and the sun's rays are breaking through the darkness for several hours a day. A few days ago the sun rose again after 1.5 month absence. The first rays of the sun are accompanied by tears of joy among the inhabitants. No doubt people will be a little happier and go out more often.

Cycling across Tromsø Bridge

"The cold air fills my lungs and as I descend from the Tromsø Bridge bringing my senses on edge."

During my visit to Northern Norway it becomes clear once again that nature determines the rhythm. During the day, the colors of the sky keep changing. The steep serrated mountains on the island of Kvaløya become visible. The sky has a blue color that I don't see very often. So clear and pure. The cold air fills my lungs and as I descend from the Tromsø Bridge bringing my senses on edge. We cycle past the Arctic Cathedral and out of the lively center to an oasis of peace in the Tromsdalen valley.

Cycling with a fatbike and cross-country skiing?

Magne says that we use prepared cross-country ski runs here. The runways are built for commuter traffic and are also used for recreation and tourism. Where we take the bicycle in the Netherlands, people here take the long bar to work. It makes sense with so much snow. Since we are more agile on the bike, we give priority to cross-country skiers. During a moment of rest we drink warm berry juice, enjoy the environment and talk about developments in the city. The number of cross-country skiers that we encounter today can be counted on 2 hands. What a silence here.

Warm berry juice during a stop in Tromsdalen

Outdoor sports and sustainable tourism

The owner of the sports store enthusiastically talks about his field and the importance of sustainability. Providing outdoor sports activities goes hand in hand with his vision to pass on knowledge about the conservation of fragile Arctic nature to customers. Like many other young Norwegians, he is aware of the impact of tourism on the quality of life. Preserving nature must ensure that we continue to enjoy it in the future. The passion is contagious. The relationship with Abel reizen have always been good. Together we provide the best cycling experience for our customers in the north in a responsible way. Now it becomes all the more clear that we have a similar philosophy.

Tromsdalen Tromsø

(Snow) cycling in Tromsø? Tromsø Outdoor has an enthusiastic team with high quality material and knowledge is ready for you. Or inquire about the possibilities at Abel Reizen. In our blogs you can also read more about cycling in Norway and get some practical tips.

Specifications of the bike:

Brand: Haibike Xduro FatSix 8.0, Sram NX 11 speed, Yamahah 500 Wh, Dillinger 26×4,6

Author: D. Remijnse

Abel Reizen,

Original article in Dutch:

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