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Where to cross country ski in Tromsø?

Where to cross country ski in Tromsø?

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If you have never tried XC-skiing before you may want to consider joining Tromsø Ourdoor Guided cross country ski trip - beginner ski course. After the trip you should be able to practice new acquired skills on your own and explore more of Tromsø trails by yourself!

If you prefer to go and ski on your own remember that skiing on prepared trails is easier than going in the deep fresh snow. On skisporet.no you will find map of the trails, together with current information about all cross country ski trails - when they were last time groomed (in hours and days). Most of our trails is lighten at night.

It is relatively easy to go around and find trails, and at Tromsø Outdoor we are always ready to help you to plan your trip when you pick up the skis.

For easy destination we recommend you to take bus 40 to the top of the Tromsøya Island, bus 42 to Kvaløya or bus 26 to Tromsdalen Valley and follow the XC-ski trails. There are trails great for beginners as well as more challenging.

You can also go around by car of course.

For the longer tour a great option is to ski from Snarbyeidet back to Tromsø.

It is 35 km distance and it normally takes 1 to 3 days to ski it in winter, trails are being prepared in spring when there is more daylight time. It`s relatively safe route, and there are four DNT cabins along the route. You can also ski just parts of the way. There is a bus from Tromsø to Oldervik that stops in Snarbyeidet, the schedule you can find on tromskortet.no.

You can also take a bus to Straumbsukta on the sounthern part of Kvaløya and ski back towards the town as far as you can – whole trails is ca 60 km long.

For few days long, challenging expedition you need to go more inland. Kilpis – Dividalen route is worth considering, together with: Galggojauri (Skibotndalen border Finland), Treriks (where Sweden, Norway and Finland comes together), Golda, Gappo, Rosta, Øvre Rostajavri, Dærta, Dividal, Vouma, Gaskas and Innset.

Trips in details:

Tromsøya (Easy, moderate and challenging parts)

The lighted ski trail stretches from the north to the south end of the island. We advise beginners to start in Charlottenlund and ski to Prestvannet. It’s our favourite, especially when you can see Northern Lights and their reflection on the lake. It is also possible to ski from one end of the island to the other.

Prestvannet Bus 28: Fr Langes Gate F2 – Prestvannet. You can see the track from the bus stop. From there you can also take the bus back to the city.

There are also buses 20, 21, 24, 26, 34 leaving from University (UiT) back to the city. You can walk from the track over the campus down to the bus stop UiT

Tromsdalen (Troms-valley) (Moderate)

Skiing track in an 8-shaped circuit through the valley, choose different laps.

Take a break at the Tromsø Lavvo, situated in an idyllic forest (2km on the north side of the river). The Lavvo is open for everybody; there are seats, fireplace and a toilet.

Bus 20 and 24: Havnegata H1 – Båtnhavna. Follow the path along the river (not over Rød-bridge) to Tromsø Camping, past the TUIL and to the parking lot > access to skiing track

Ski trip along the coastline of Kvaløya with a wonderful view of Tromsøya and Høkøya (Challenging)

Bus 40: Fr Langes Gate F1 – Kvaløysletta Terminal (first bus stop after the bridge). Follow the main road east ward and take the first road to the left, Slettabakken. Follow the narrow road up the hill until you get to the skiing track.

Bus 42: Sjøgata S3 – Kvaløysletta Terminal (first bus stop after the bridge). See bus 40.

Round trip (2h): follow the skiing track eastward until the track takes a U-turn and goes down to a parking lot. From there walk down to the main road Eidvegn, turn west and get bus 42 from Storelv Snuplass back to the centrum.

You can also take a bus to Straumbsukta on the sounthern part of Kvaløya and ski back towards the town as far as you can – whole trails is ca 60 km long.

Bus schedules you can find on tromskortet.no

The lights are turned off at midnight on Tromsøya, and on Kvaløya and in Tromsdalen at 11:30pm.

Have a great trip and post your pictures on Tromsø Outdoor facebook page!

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