Ski workshop at Tromsø Outdoor - Cross country skis service menu

Ski service is the heart of our business. Skis are fun only when they work properly. Our skilled and experienced staff will help you to keep your gear in top notch condition.

Cross Country Basic service: 209,- NOK

  • Cleaning of base
  • Waxing with wax jett
  • Polishing

Cross Country Regular service: 319,- NOK

  • Cleaning of base
  • Hot wax (CH)
  • Brushing and polishing
  • Skin wax/base binder (for classic skis)

Cross Country Full service: 429,- NOK

  • Cleaning of base
  • Minor base fills with p-tex*
  • Hot wax 2 layers with LF wax
  • Brushing and polishing
  • Skin wax/sanding the grip zone and applying base binder (for classic skis)

Stone grinding with the Omega SBI machine 739,- NOK

  • Cleaning of base
  • Grinding of base
  • Stone grinding with structure (based on temperature and snow type)
  • Waxing (Hot wax 2 layers with LF wax)
  • Brushing and polishing

Base structure fixing: from 199,- NOK *

Base repair with P-tex: from 150,- NOK *

Wax removing/base cleaning 99,- NOK

Mounting of NNN-BC bindings 150,- NOK (Boot Size Required)

* Price can be adjusted according to damage and amount of work agreed with ski technician