Where to mountain bike in Tromsø

Mountain bike rides in Tromsø

The Tromsø region has a variety of options for mountain bikers, with four main areas - Tromsø Island, Mainland, Linken and Straumsbukta. The trails vary in length and difficulty but you're guaranteed to be riding in pretty spectacular terrain. The Grønnlibruna area in Straumsbukta has some fantastic flowing runs and a ride up Tromsdalen and round trip to Bønntuva is well worth it.

In the winter there are fewer places to cycle, however, it is possible to cycle on the groomed ski trails. In softer snow, a fat bike will make travel easier and remember you don't need as much air in your tires. Allemannsretten gives cyclists the right to travel on ski trails in winter, but we also have a duty to act considerately and not cause damage or inconvenience the interests of skiers when we travel.

More ideas about mountain cycling in our area you can find on Trailforks.comTrailguide.net and http://www.terrengsykkel.no/ under Troms.

Responsible Cycling

As there are no mountain bike-specific trails we must be courteous and share the trials with others. Below are the guidelines provided by the Norwegian Organisation for Mountain Cycling (NOTS)- rules


  1. Be considerate and pleasant when meeting skiers and pedestrians.
  2. You always have to give way when meeting skiers, they have a longer braking distance, less control and take up more space in the width of uphill and downhill slopes
  3. Lie to the right between the ski tracks, possibly to the far right if possible.
  4. Brake down to a controlled speed when oncoming skiers approach, and pass skiers in the same direction as you with caution on the left side.
  5. Be especially observant on downhill slopes, it takes longer to brake on snow than on paths/gravel/asphalt.
  6. Avoid crossing the ski track more than necessary.
  7. Avoid the most popular departure points during peak times on Saturdays and Sundays and otherwise when traffic is heavy on the ski slopes.
  8. Avoid cycling on ski slopes when it is clear and you are making deep tracks, or when the slopes are soft and need time to settle after the paver has made tracks.

On open ground - trails

  1. Be considerate and pleasant when meeting hikers.
  2. You always have the right of way for pedestrians.
  3. Limit your speed so that you are not a danger or inconvenience to others, especially along roads and paths that invite high speed, or have unclear sections.
  4. Slow down to walking speed well in advance of passing others on a narrow path.
  5. Do not make new tracks if you do not have the skills to overcome an obstacle, get off the bike.
  6. Avoid cycling on particularly vulnerable paths immediately after periods of heavy rainfall.
  7. Do not make the path wider by cycling around water ponds or obstacles.
  8. Carry the bike through marshy areas so that deep ruts do not form.
  9. Do not lock the rear wheel on steep downhill slopes.
  10. If two cyclists meet on a hill, the one cycling uphill has the right of way.

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