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MTB rides in Tromsø

Mountain bike rides in Tromsø

The nature in the Troms is varied with many opportunities for different cycling adventures. You can discover everything from quiet country roads (both sealed and gravel) where you ride in forest and open areas between majestic mountains to narrow coastal roads around fjords and out on islands, which inspire idyllic island-hopping bike trips.

Tromsø, Tromsdalen valley and the Kvaløysletta offer a good network of trails both for mountain and road cycling outside of the road traffic. They vary from paved flat bike ways, broad gravel bike/walking paths adapted for city bikes, to the narrow and hilly trails where you can challenge yourself on terrain cycle (also in Tromsø!).

If you decide to head inland and cross the Tromsø Bridge you can cycle up the Tromsdalen valley, take the cable car up and ride mountain bike on different routes on Fløya and also ride down to the town again.

Staying on Tromsøya island you can enjoy various bike ways and bike trails on the top of the Tromsøya island (distance of 11 km in straight line form south to north, many trails connected together create good much longer network)

Mountain cyclists can have great time on mentioned before Fløya and north part of Tromsøya island, but also inland following the hiking trails from Tromsdalen to Snarbyeidet or the loop from Tønsvik to Nonsbu. Heading west steep path to the lakes on Kjølen, trail from Hamna through Grønnlibruna to Håkøybotn and paths on Håkoya are a great treat.

More ideas about mountain cycling in our area you can find on Trailforks.com and lower on the page http://www.terrengsykkel.no/Stiguider under Troms.

We highly recommend to plan the trips with a map, you can use online google maps or norgeskart.no to check the routes and distances, or you can use geocontext to to create topographic profiles.

For more details about all the tours we recommend visiting our Tromsø Outdoor BikeMap profile.

February 15, 2019
February 15, 2019