Mobile bike service

Do you want to promote a greener everyday life for your company and provide better health for your employees? ThenTromsø Outdoor can offer you.

Our mobile service team will come to your workplace and fix the bikes of all employees for you.

We have two types of offers:

1. Shared payment between company and employee

The company pays a basic price for bringing a mobile workshop to the workplace. NOK 4000,- for 8 hours from 08:00 to 16:00 on working days.

The employees pay for the service themselves, and for parts that may be changed on the bike.

Basic service NOK 600,-

Full service NOK 1300,-

2. Company pays the entire service

The company pays the basic price for rigging a mobile workshop (NOK 4000 per day), and a fixed price per bike mechanic per day (NOK 3000). So a bike mechanic one day will be NOK 7000,-. Two mechanics a day NOK 10000, - etc.

The service includes a security check and a simple service. In the winter time, employees can change to studded tyres, as well as buy studded tyres from us.

The bikes will be fully fixed during the working day, and the employees will receive a final notification, a condition report and a recommendation if there should be anything more to fix. If there is more that needs to be fixed, the employee can easily come by in our workshop in the city centre to fix it ( Fredrik Langes Gate 14 ).

If that is interesting for you and your company, or you have more question about it just send us a mail to so we can answer your questions and find a fitting time for you.

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