Hi there! I'm Sylwia and you will find me at the Tromsø Outdoor activity and rental center at Fredrik Langes gate 14 every day, both in the summer and in the winter.

I will be happy to welcome you here, help you to find the right equipment for your personal Tromsø adventure, and to provide you with all sorts of information. It might also be that I take you on a snowshoe trip through the snowy forest area on top of the island since I work as a guide as well.

I moved to Tromsø in 2010 and have been working as a city guide for several years now. I very much enjoy the many faces of Tromsø: its breathtaking nature, exciting history, and multicultural society - I am happy to have found my home here! I spent much of my time with long walks through nature in each of our beautiful seasons but I also enjoy hiking, snowboarding, cycling and kayaking whenever I get the opportunity. My adventure with Tromsø Outdoor has begun in 2016.

Since I love travelling, exploring new places, and getting to know different people and their culture, I very much enjoy helping our visitors so that they too can have a wonderful Tromsø experience.