Hi, my name is Sascha and I have been working at Tromsø Outdoor since 2014 year.

In winter I mainly guide the snowshoe and cross-country skiing-trips. Sometimes you can also find me in the rental center and there I will help you with any of your requests. I have also main responsibility for training all Tromsø Outdoor guides and ensuring that all tours are conducted in safe manner at all the times.  

I love being outdoors in the winter, to be active, lighting up a fire and relaxing. In summer I fill my time with hiking, whitewater-kayaking, canoing, and fishing. For many years I worked in the summer as a kayak guide in Sweeden and Germany.  

For me its a great pleasure to talk about the wildlife and nature of Northern Norway and show you our way of life here in the Arctic!

See you soon in the beautiful area of Troms!