I’m Mikkel from Denmark and for me being outdoors is one of the greatest joys in life. I simply love to be in nature on all its terms – both when it bites and pleases. And I especially enjoy it when it takes place with others.

With the purpose of being able to teach and share this joy of outdoor life in the safest way, I have been educated and worked as an outdoor guide and instructor in both first-aid, skiing, canoeing and kayaking.

So far this has given me the opportunity to work in Denmark, Greenland and Norway with a variety of outdoor activities.

At Tromsø Outdoor I will mainly be guiding our snowshoe- and cross-country skiing trips. Sometimes you will also meet me in the rental center, where I will happily help you with any advice on how and where to experience the beautiful Arctic nature of Troms.

My favorite quote about outdoor life: “Look, in the wilderness, in the solitude of the forest, with a view of the great expanses, far from the confusing noise, personalities are formed” - Fridtjof Nansen, 1921

I look forward to create memorable moments with you!