The team


¡Hi everyone!

I'm Ignacio from Argentina and I fell in love with mountains and nature in a little town in the

Andes called Malargüe. This is my first time in Norway and I’m so excited to be here in the Artic in

Tromsø. I’m an adventure lover so I try to live my life in that way, traveling and following my

passions such as snowboarding, hiking, skiing, cycling, wild camping, rock climbing or just enjoying

being in the wild as my way to keep my inner child happy. I started travelling and living this way in

2016 and I have been the happiest version of myself ever since. I think working at Tromsø Outdoor

is the perfect place to be surrounded by people that truly enjoy and share the same passion for

mountains, winter activities and life in general.

I have loved fixing things and working with my hands ever since I was a child. When I was young, my

favourite game was fixing my toys, and sometimes I was even successful... I grew up to become a

mechanical engineer and I moved on to fixing “bigger toys”.

I will see you in the rental centre: this season I'll be fixing your gear at the shop and you’re also going to

see me at the front desk where I will help you to find the right equipment for your needs and make sure you

have a great vacation.