Speeder - 47cm

Speeder - 47cm
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Bikes for tours ranging from a few hours around the city to multi-day coastal trips - light, reliable, comfortable.
Model Speeder is available only with regular frame and is similar to the road bike compared to Crossway (you lean forward more during ride).

Merida Speeder 200, 300 and 400 is a bike with road frame type and gearing, made for speed (heavier to ride up hills!). It is great alternative for touring for those who prefer leaning forward on the bike. Major difference from the road bike is flat handle bar, bit wider tires and higher weight due to all additional equipment mounted on the bike.

Gravel road bike Silex 400 is in our offer as a test. You are welcome to check it out and enjoy.

If you look for bike that will be easier to ride (especially uphill) we recommend you to order Crossway model.

Bikes are available in frame sizes from 47cm to 59cm.
Bike model will depend on the frame size you choose.

Bikes are equipped with:

- mud fenders
- water bottle holders one or two
- rear luggage rack
- stand
- bike computer
- hydraulic disc brakes

Included with the rental is also: a helmet, bike lock, repair set with patch kit, necessary keys for adjustments, replacement tube, pump, lights (mounted on the helmet), and reflective vest.

In addition you can rent:

- bike bags: rear, front and for the handle bar (lowrider and handle bar holder follow bags)
- bike cargo and child trailers
- afterbike
- bike racks for tow bars/roof racks

We offer also hotel delivery/pick up in Tromsø and transfer of bikes to any Hurtigruten harbour along the coast between Kirkenes and Bergen (click to open).

TIPS ON WHERE TO GO FOR A RIDE (click to open)


47 cm - user height 150 - 165 cm
50 cm - user height 158 – 170 cm
52 cm - user height 168 – 175 cm
54 cm - user height 172 - 185 cm
56 cm - user height 180 - 195 cm
59 cm - user height 190cm+
Note: Crossway models feel slightly larger than Speeders in the same size.
It is possible to ride a bike one size up or down from the recommended size.

Silex size 53 cm - recommended user height 185-195cm

You can also find the Merida frame size recommendation here.


1 day 300.00; 2 days 600.00; 3 days 850.00; 4 days 1060.00; 5 days 1260.00; per additional day 200.00 NOK.
No deposit is required, however, as a customer you are liable for any loss or damage to the bike.
We recommend that you obtain travel insurance covering rental services prior to your arrival.

RENTAL RATES for the Silex 400*
1 day 450.00; 2 days 900.00; 3 days 1260.00; 4 days 1600.00; 5 days 1890.00; per additional day 300.00 NOK
*2000 NOK deposit is required when you rent our Silex bikes.

Please contact us at post@tromsooutdoor.no if the bike you wish to book is unavailable - we will check on alternatives for you.

1 day of rental = any period up to 24 hours.

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