Fatbike Salsa Beargrease X5 size S

Fatbike Salsa Beargrease X5 size S
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"Free your mind, and the experiences will follow!" A bike for explorers - snow and mud is never the limit!


Beargrease does a lot of things well, but it does speed best. Lightweight, agile, and elegant, with all excesses removed, Beargrease will happily dispel the myth that fatbikes are slow. Fly along a summer singletrack or blast out winter powder laps. Beargrease is your best bet for getting from point A to point B fast, all year, over whatever terrain stands inbetween. Learn more at http://salsacycles.com/bikes/beargrease/2017_beargrease_x5_2x10

As a customer you are liable for any loss or damage to the bike.
We recommend that you obtain a travel insurance covering rental services prior to your arrival.

Included in the rental is also: a helmet, bike lock, necessary keys for adjustments, pump, lights (mounted on the helmet), and a reflective vest.

1 day of rental = any period up to 24 hours.

3000 NoK deposit is to be payed upon pick up.