Avalanche Probe

Avalanche Probe

Available models: BCA Profile 240cm and BCA Stealth 240cm.

Compact and lightweight, with laser etched depth markings for added durability.

1 day of rental = any period up to 24 hours.

If you would like to rent equipment for longer than planned please check with us for availability first. If available, the additional rental costs will need to be paid upon returning the equipment.

Avalanche Probe BCA Stealth 240:

Stealth Quick-lock probes guarantee the easiest and fastest assembly on the market, while simultaneously freeing up additional storage space in your pack. Weighing in at just 270g (9.5 ounces) and packing down to 40cm, it extends to 240cm.

Avalanche Probe BCA Profile 240:

This probi provides you lightweight strength and super-easy setup in a necessary piece of avalanche safety equipment. The Profile 240's six-section 7075 aluminum tubing packs reliable strength into a feather-light design. The silk-screened depth markings at 1cm increments come in handy while you test stability and snow depths. Stash the probe in its nylon bag for compact, out-of-the-way storage inside your pack.

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