Airback Backpack BCA Float

Airback Backpack BCA Float
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Available models: Float 22, Float 32 and Float 36 including one cartridge.

1 day of rental = any period up to 24 hours.

If you would like to rent equipment for longer than planned please check with us for availability first. If available, the additional rental costs will need to be paid upon returning the equipment.

A service fee of 300 NOK for refilling the cartridge will need to be paid on return if the airbag was used.

Float 22 is minimalist model for outta-bounds, off-piste, freeride and mechanized skiing/snowboarding.

Float 32 is a full-featured avalanche airbag pack designed to carry all the essentials.

Float 36 is designed for ski patrollers and snow professionals; thus it is big, burly, and has lots of features.