What are we doing for the environment at Tromsø Outdoor
What are we doing for the environment at Tromsø Outdoor

What are we doing for the environment at Tromsø Outdoor

We want to contribute to protecting the environment. There are many small steps that can be taken every day to protect nature. It is our responsibility to think and take action to protect our future and do things better at work and in our free time.

We received the Eco-Lighthouse certificate in 2021. The Eco-Lighthouse (ELH)certification scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system that provides enterprises with relevant tools to help them improve their environmental performance, and to control their environmental impact. You can find more information here.

Feel free to send us an inquiry in case you are interested in our environmental work, then we can send you our annual climate and environment report together with other relevant information.

Below is list of things we do at Tromsø Outdoor:

  • We recycle plastic bottles from our trips
  • We are aware of what the "right of public access" means
  • We as people and guides loves the nature and fully respect it
  • During the tours we aim to share our lifestyle and try teach our guests how they can take care of the nature during their own trips
  • During the summertime our focus is on promoting cycling and bike tours. We see cycling as the easiest way of reducing air pollution in our city and assisting our guests in training and healthier lifestyle
  • We are taking care of our equipment and repairing it if possible
  • As far as we can we purchase good quality gear so we don't need to buy new every year but at the same time provide our guests with quality products in good condition
  • We sell the equipment when we update our inventory. This way we promote a second-hand market to reduce waste
  • We provide an alternative for renting a car in Tromsø – electric bike
  • We are using wax free skis on most of our trips and for rental because it is better for the environment (less chemicals in the snow and water; ski wax contaminates the environment!)
  • The food that we serve on our trips comes from Norway, which means it has not been transported from faraway
  • When possible we use environment friendly cleaning products, degreasers and oils.
  • We are using Stormberg’s* clothing company both for rent and in our shop.

*Stormberg has cruelty free, environment and work policy we fully support. You can learn more at https://www.stormberg.com/blog/om-stormberg/

“Ever since it was established in 1998, Stormberg has been a company that has taken social responsibility. 25% of all employees are people who struggle to find work and Stormberg was the first sports and textile wholesaler to be included in the Ethical Trade Initiative in 2002. The company is continuously working to reduce climate and environmental impact and 1% of the revenue is used for humanitarian and societal purposes. Stormberg has grown from four employees in 1998 to 350 employees in 2018. The company currently has over 40 stores in Norway and online stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland.”

December 10, 2018
February 1, 2019


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