Informasjon om Coronaviruset for Tromsø Outdoor kunder
Informasjon om Coronaviruset for Tromsø Outdoor kunder

Informasjon om Coronaviruset for Tromsø Outdoor kunder

Due to the severity of situation and government regulations introduced on 13.03.20  Tromsø Outdoor was closed with immediate effect until the 02.04.20.

On the 03.04.20 we have reopened the rental centre and offer our guests possibility to rent and buy the gear taking precautions to mitigate risks of infections in our store:

  • If possible, we ask everyone to book and pay online before coming to the store, to make the process easier and prevent as much contact as possible in the store. Then we can make equipment ready in advance, which will also shorten the waiting time,
  • we ask our guests to follow  directions from local authorities when planning their activities,
  • follow restrictions listed on our doors to mitigate the risk of contamination,
  • avoid unnecessary traveling,
  • contact us via email or facebook to find information about gear available for sale.

General information about the virus and the situation in Norway

If you have questions about the coronavirus situation and travelling in Tromsø and Norway, you'll find updated information and travel advice at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

We followed the information and advice provided by the institute, WHO, NHO and Tromsø municipality and adjust our routines accordingly.

You can find all the tips to avoid the spreading of the virus at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s website.

If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, sore throat, chest pain and breathing difficulties while in Norway, please stay in your hotel room / apartment and contact hotel guest service by telephone, or call the 24-hour Norwegian medical service at (+47) 116117 for guidance and assistance.

Don't go to the hospital yourself, contact the service number and explain your situation. This is the best and most effective way to receive competent and prompt help.

Cancellations of existing bookings

Concerning that this situation is special we decided that we will offer all our guests the possibility to reschedule reservations free of charge for next months or next season until the 30th of April 2021. You could also join us during the summer or use our bike rental instead. We can confirm details later in the future if you would like to use this option.

Extra steps taken at Tromsø Outdoor to prevent transmission of the virus before we suspended the daily operations.

- We encourage all our guests to use hand sanitizes available in our center and during tours.

- We ask all our guests to keep distance of minimum one metre from our employees and to withdraw from participating in activities if they feel unwell.

- Guests with visible flu-type symptoms will we refused participation in the activities and will be asked to leave the Rental Centre immediately and recommended to contact local health service

- Our rental clothes are left to a quarantine period of 5 days before they are available for rental after they were used. If the situation may require that clothes will not be available for rental until further notice.

- We introduced additional cleaning routines in the centre including sanitizing at least once daily all door handles, desks and keyboards.

- All our employees who are not feeling healthy are obliged to stay home.

- We provide rental services, and items in our centre are used by other people. We have no possibility to ensure they are sterile and therefore we recommend guests who consider themselves in risk groups to evaluate risks and take own measurements before using the gear.

- All our employees are instructed about the directions regarding hygiene and hand washing routines especially and regularly updated in the newest information about the recommendation from the authorities.

We hope that situation will stabilize and all the steps taken now will result in stopping of spreading of the virus.

March 12, 2020
March 12, 2020


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