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Winter bikes at Tromsø Outdoor: MTB Hardtail with spikes, fatbikes

Have you ever ridden on snow and ice? Now you have the possibility to try! 

Tromsø Outdoor offers mountain bike hard tails from Merida with frame sizes 13,5", 15", 17'', 19"and 20" and fatbikes from DBS and Salsa for rent.

As soon as we have snow in Tromsø our bikes will have winter studded tyres (Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro). Before the snow arrives, these bikes will just have regular MTB tyres.

It is usually possible to ride a bike one size up or down from the ideal

Recommended bike sizes:
13" - user height 145 - 160 cm
15" - user height 150 - 166 cm
17" - user height 170 - 180 cm
19" - user height 178 - 189 cm
20" - user height 180 - 190 cm


Mukluk is our exploration fatbike. All Mukluks feature Alternator dropouts, making single-speed or geared setups possible. Rigid models feature Bearpaw forks with Three-Pack braze-ons for added carrying capacity. Mukluk is only limited by your imagination. 
To learn more visit: http://salsacycles.com/bikes/mukluk


Beargrease does a lot of things well, but it does speed best. Lightweight, agile, and elegant, with all excesses removed, Beargrease will happily dispel the myth that fatbikes are slow. Fly through summer singletrack or blast out winter powder laps. Beargrease is your best bet for getting from point A to point B fast, all year, over whatever terrain stands between. Learn more at http://salsacycles.com/bikes/beargrease/2017_beargrease_x5_2x10

Fatbike with 24" wheels, a great option for youth from ca. 130 cm tall.

The Core Bad Bully is a brand new, very easy to ride, DBS fatbike model for both serious and fun exercise on snow and in wet woods. This is a lightweight bicycle, with solid frame and rigid fork, equipped with sram x9 / 7 gears. The core series from DBS should provide some of the best riding you've had!


TIPS ON WHERE TO GO FOR A RIDE (click to open)


When you rent a bike: a helmet, bike lock, repair kit with spare tube, pump, necessary keys for adjustments, lights (mounted on the helmet), and reflective vest are included.

We do not mount mud fenders on mountain bikes. Remember to have a wind- and waterproof jacket with you for the ride. A warm hat and mittens are also a must and are not included in the rental rate (can be rented separately). 

Please note that you will need to provide a 2000NOK deposit when picking up the bike. 
And, Tromsø Outdoor does not offer insurance on rented equipment or users. 

Rental rates: 

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