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Tromsø Outdoor Clothes Size Charts

find the size of the clothes needed for yourself

When choosing the size of the clothes remember you need to accomodate additional mid- and under- layers of clothes under jacket and pants. Remember to bring under clothes and mid layers with you. 

You can change the size of the clothes initially ordered free of charge when you arrive to Tromsø, as long as we have better fitting sizes available. 

Please use below size charts to determine the size of the clothes and make the reservation on line

You may wonder why the clothes seem kind of long?

Unfortunately they may be kind of long too, and we are really sorry for that. The truth is that in Norway clothes producers do not really consider that some people (including myself) are shorter than 180 cm, so please find the pants that will fitt you in your waist, and if they are too long you may need to fold them up. If by chance they are seem to be short for you, please order the correct length.

Clothes we provide are rather large for their size so if you are between two sizes you probably can order smaller one. 


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For the smallest children right now we can only offer warmsuits 74, 86, 88 and 104cm. All our clothes available at the time are displayed on line. Contact us if the clothes you wish to order are not available, we will check on alternatives for you. 

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