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Autumn MTB ride in Tromsø

Seasonal sale of rental bikes and magazine clearance

New and used bikes sale, prices from 2999NoK to 22000 NoK

Visit us on Sjøgata 14 and take a look on 

  • Electric bikes – prices from 17999 to 22000 NoK

  • Touring bikes – prices from 3499 to 5999 NoK

  • Road bikes – prices from 5999 to 8999 NoK

  • MTB hardtails and full suspension – prices from 3499 to 15000 NoK

  • Fatbikes – 8000 NoK

  • Youth and children bikes – price from 2599 to 2999 NoK

More information about bikes offered on sale:

Tromsø Outdoor Bike Sale 2016

Seasonal bike sale‬ at Tromsø Outdoor

New and used bikes on offer, prices from 3499 to 12999 NoK

On offer used and newtouring‬/trekking, mountain‬ and ‪road/racing‬ bikes‬ from Merida‬.
All prices for used bikes ca. 40-60% off from the catalog price.

Speeder 200D: 3499-4499 NoK used, 5949 NoK - new
Dual Speed 5249 NoK- new bikes only
Crosway Urban 100 - 6399 NoK, bikes used 4 months, additional equipment included
MTB 27 Big 7.20 - 3999 NoK, bikes used 4 months
MTB 27 Big 7.500 - 7499 NoK, bikes used 4 months
MTB 27 One Twenty 7.600 - 12999 NoK, bikes used 4 months
Road bikes Racer: Ride 94, Ride 400, Scultra 400 and Juliet 400, prices from 6499 to 9999 NoK

You find us on Sjøgata14‬, 9-16 week days and 10-15 weekends.
Welcome to drop by!

Shop 3_500x375

Tromsø Outdoor Shop

Fuel, gas, hand and feet warmers, shoe spikes, maps,

At our Activity and Rental Center in Sjøgata 14, we also have a shop where you can buy what you need for your arctic adventures. If you want to buy instead of rent, we have both good winter clothes, warm, thick socks, winter hats, shoe spikes, and other accessories for aurora tours. We also sell hand and foot warmer, fuel and gas for camping stove and burner, birchwood, maps, snowshoes and avalanches equipment.


Ski Guide for Troms

For sale in our shop: Ski Touring in Troms

 82 ARCTIC SUMMITS! A backcountry ski guide to some of the finest coastal mountains of Northern Norway.

Shop 2_500x667

Hike and ski maps


At Tromsø Outdoors activity and rental center in Tromsø, you can buy the best hiking and ski maps for your exciting excursions in the Tromsø area. The maps are the freshest 1.50.000 from Nordeca. We also have road maps covering Northern Norway. 


Cardbox for transport cycle on plane

For sale NOK 50,- pr box

We have for sale cardboard boxes that are perfect if you want to bring your bike on the plane. Inner dimensions are 18x72x132cm.
We also sell tapes suitable to close the box safely



Equipment for sale

We sell the equipment utilised for our trips and events, which provides a customer guarantee that these are good quality products and that we hand first-hand knowledge about the use and maintenance of these products.

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