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Northern Lights Tromsø Outdoor

Tromsø Outdoor recommendations for your northern light tour

Tromsø Outdoor does not organize the northern light trips, however we are ready to provide you with the equipment necessary for your tour: 

winter clothes and boots
- tripods for your camera,
reindeer hides and other equipment you may need.


For the tours we would like to recommend you to join the aurora hunt organised by Explore The Arctic or Guide Gunnar.


Both Guide Gunnar and Explore the Arctic have years of experience in chasing the Northern lights and you will surely enjoy their tours. They run the trip with a minibus with 15 seats and chase clear skies to enable you to see the northern lights – that is depending on the weather conditions. You can just relax and enjoy the night.

During the evening they change location a couple of times to provide more interesting experience for guests and more various backgrounds for the photographs.


Highly recommended! 

You can book Explore The Arctic tour now!

Small groups - big experiences. 
Our highly qualified local guides ensure a unique and unforgettable adventure with a personal touch. 

We drive as far as it takes to get to clear skies and stay out as long as there is a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. If there are clear skies on the coast, we normally go there. In that area you get a fantastic view with the mountains and the sea in the background. If it’s cloudy on the coast we have to go further east, if we have to, we drive all the way to Finland. During the evening we always change spot a couple of times to get different backgrounds and of course we avoid places with light pollution. 
We provide warm clothing to keep you warm all night long. 
During the trip you will learn about the area, northern lights and how to take the best possible pictures. We also take professional pictures every night, which we share with you after the trip, including portraits of the northern lights and you. 
During the evening we serve a dinner with local ingredients around the campfire.

Included: Two local guides, film about the Northern Lights, campfire, dinner, hot drinks, thermal suit, winter boots, shoe grips, socks, hat, gloves, hand & foot warmers, tripod, head lamp and pictures from the trip
Duration: 6-10 hours
Number of participants: 2-15
Level of difficulty: Easy

Provider contact info - Explore The Arctic: 
tel:+47 948 60 941 /
To change or cancel your reservation contact Tromsø Outdoor
post@tromsøø / tel. +47 97575875 
or visit us in Tromsø on Sjøgata 14

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