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Cycling in Tromsø, Tromsø Outdoor

Great thank you to all the guests who paid us a visit this summer!

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

In a company like ours - privately owned, with focus on service quality and employees well being, trying to create all round positions and not very big - one major problem is always present: we never have enough time to do it all! 

Yesterday we finally got an hour (or few...) to evaluate and reply to the feedback we received from our guests via TripAdvisor lately. 

There are so many kind words and valuable tips for us that we want to say great thank you to all our guests who took time to leave their reviews for us. 
You make our work extremely rewarding experience and we are super thankful that we can share a bit of your holidays and our life together.

We take with us your tips regarding our equipment, our team, opening hours, work procedures. They help us a lot to develop in the right direction. 


Here is just one of many reviews from our guests, but reading this kind of feedback about our guided trips always makes us especially happy and proud. 

E-bike tour of Tromso with Mattias at Tromso Outdoors - 5 Star experience 
(written by cos999)

Great tour of Tromso from sea level to the Ski Jumps by Mattias at Tromso outdoors on July 1. I am not a biker but the E-bike extra "boost" makes going up an incline like being on an exercise bike at the gym with no resistance or on a regular bike on a flat surface. I think we covered 20 km effortlessly. Seriously for you flatground or casual bikers don't be scared off by thinking the Ebike tour of Tromso is only for Tour de France types. I attached some pictures-great diversity on the tour and the guide Mattias was a great source of other things todo in Tromso as well. The only complexity to learn is your left thumb controls the ebike boost and right thumb shifts the gears on the bike. i am giving this 5 stars as it exceeded my expectations and if I get back to Tromso again, I plan to book a custom tour with Tromso Outdoors.


We truly hope to see you all back at Sjøgata 14 one day. 


Tromsø Outdoor​ summer team
Magne, Kasia, Rikke, Benjamin and Mathias

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