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Which one of your winter activities is the best for me?

Tromsø Outdoor invites all guests to join our guides in unforgettable journeys and share our love for outdoors, adventure, being active and new experiences.

Our program*:
Departures 5/6 times every day, start in front of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

November 1st to March 31st

08.30-11.30 - Guided Cross Country Ski Trip in Tromsø  
                       3 hours 
beginner ski course
10.00-12.00 - Guided Snowshoe Trip on Tromsøya
                       2 hours very easy trip suitable for everybody
10.00-15.00 - Guided Snowshoe Hill Hike on Kvaløya
                       5 hours hike for those who seek a challenge
13.00-16.00 - Guided Cross Country Ski Trip in Tromsø
                       3 hours beginner ski course
18.00-21.00 - Evening snowshoe trip with a bonfire 
                       3 hours of fun and pure joy on the snow 

February 1st to April 30th

14.30-18.15 - Introduction to Ski Touring - guided trip for beginners
                       3,5-4 hours - first time adventure with Randonee equipment

*follow the links to learn details about each activity and book on line


Snowshoe trips start daily at 10am.  Tromso Outdoor offers two tours: the two-hour Guided Snowshoe Trip on Tromsøya - easy walk on Tromsø Island, ending at 12:00. This is the activity that everybody can join and enjoy. Charming nature, time for pictures and an opportunity to try snowshoeing. The best way to start your day. 

The five hour Guided Snowshoe Hill Hike to a summit on Kvaløya Island. This tour finishes at 15:00. This is something more than just a walk. We meet North Norwegian elements in their best and need to work hard to reach the top. Very rewarding but requires from you some level of stamina. No experience in snowshoeing is needed. 

Cross Country Ski trip is offered with a departure twice daily: at 8.30 and 13.00 and lasts for 3 hours. You should join this tour if you want to gain new skiing skills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Taste of Norwegian national sport and do something that the locals love. No or little experience is required. Good skiers we invite to our activity and rental center to rent the skis and practice on their own. You should not leave Norway without giving yourself an opportunity to ski. 

Evening snowshoe trip with a bonfire -  This 3 hours excursion is like a journey back in time - to the magic, wintry wonderland and the best childhood memories. Follow your guide on a mysterious night snowshoe walk, speed down the hill on toboggan and lit up the outdoor bonfire. This is the perfect activity for families (children min age 7/8) and everyone keen to do taste various activities on one trip. It starts at 18.00 and we bring you back to the city around 21. With a little luck you may have a chance to see the auroras above your head!

Our main season is November 1st to March 31st.  Daily trips are offered then - but with advance notice, we can organise winter activities before and after (depending on the weather and snow conditions).

All tours are suitable for beginners, and for families with children from 12 years old. Families with children from 8 years old can join Snowshoe trip on Tromsøya and Evening Snowshoe trip with a bonfire.  We include a break during our tours to warm up with a hot drink and lefse (a local type of bread with butter, cinnamon or brown cheese)

Included in tours: gear, guide, transport to / from the city centre, hot drink and lefse.

Not included:  Clothing / Outerwear, you can rent the clothes and boots with us upon prior arrangement or book them together with the activity - check our offers here.

Group offers upon prior arrangement (min 6pp), please contact us by e-mail to for offers

  • kick sled trips
  • 5 hour guided cross country ski trips on Kvaløya
  • activities tailored for individual requests


How much does it cost to rent?

You can find Tromsø Outdoor full rental offer and price list here, or check on rental rates of particular products by chosing amount of days in the booking windows.
To rent tripods, touring skis and some bikes you will need to leave a deposit (cash or card).
If you return items on time and in the right condition there are no additional costs.
However as a renter you are liable for the lose, theft or damage of the equipment and must cover the cost of repairing or replacing it from own travel insurance or pocket up to the cost of new equipment - if you do not return items in the same condition as you have rented them. 

How do I pick the right touring skis/splitboard?

Touring Equipment Rentals offer includes single articles or Ski Touring and Splitboard Package.
All equipment offered for rent is produced  by renowned brands: Dynafit, G3, Jones, Karakoram, K2, Ride, BCA, Grivel, Cratoni and Singing Rock. 
You will need to choose the model and length of the skis (find the size guide here) or splitboard (find the size guide here) and shoe size upon reservation. In addition we ask about skiers weight and height (to adjust bindings), split-boarder height and when are you planning to pick up and return rentals.
Ski Touring Package consists of: 
1. Touring skis (Randonee skis)
In our offer you find Dynafit skis:
- Tour 88 in lengths 158, 166, 174, 182, 189 cm
- Tour 96 168, 176 and 184 cm
- Speedfit 84 length 149 cm
- Manaslu 2.0 in lengths 158, 166, 174, 182 and 191 cm 
- Dhaulagiri in lengths 169, 177 and 183 cm
- Northern Light Skis hand made for Tromsø Outdoor in 
Tromsø by Twistem Skis in lengths 166, 176, 186 and 192 cm
All the skis come with Dynafit Radical ST Rental bindings. 
2. G3 or Dynafit skins
3. Dynafit ski crampons
4. Alpine poles (various models, most of them G3 Via Carbon or Aluminium)
5. Dynafit Neo U ski boots 2016, 2017 and 2018 models in sizes from 36 to 48 Eu.
We also have in stock 20 pairs of boots Dynafir NeoU and Zzero as a back up - not available to book on line. Contact us if boots in your size are not available on line. 
Splitboard package consists of: 
1. Jones Solution Splitboard 
Available lengths
- 148 and 152 cm women models 
- 158, 161 and 164 cm men models
- 165 cm wide model
2. Karakoram Prime SL bindings 
3. Karakoram Prime Universal Crampon
4. Jones Nomad skins
5.  K2 Speedlink poles 135 cm
6. Snowbard/Splitboard boots 
Available models 
- K2 Aspect Man in size 42 - 44.5
- Ride Lasso Man in size 39.5 - 48
- Ride Sage Woman in size 36.5 - 40

Rental rate on Ski Touring Package and on Splitboard Package:
skis/board with binding, boots, skins, poles, ski/splitboard crampons
1 day NoK 550,-
2 days NoK 990,-
3 days NoK 1410,-
4 days NoK 1780,-
5 days NoK 2110,-
6 days NoK 2430,- 
7 days NoK 2575,-
Every next day NOK 320,-


If you book just the skis/splitboard (included poles, crampons and skins) the costs are the same as for the package (skis/splitboard, poles skins and ski crampons + boots)


To book the package book the skis/splitboard first and add boots in the correct size using package price - 1 NoK. 

How many days is my rental?

We count one day of rental as any time up to 24 hours.

For example: if you pick up your rentals at 1pm you can bring it back the same day before we close or next day before 1 pm - within one day rental period.

If you return late you need to pay for the next day of rental.
Always check with us if the items you use are available if you would like to keep them longer than initially ordered. If equipment is already booked by someone else you must return it on time.

Do I need to book my trip or rental in advance or can I wait until I come to Tromsø?


You can book our activities and rentals up to one hour before the tour starts or rental pick up as long as we have places and equipment available.
If you decided that you would like to book with us, please do so as early as possible to avoid disappointment when the trips are fully booked.
At any time you can check availability of each product in the booking window (when you choose amount options you see how many is available at the time). 

Tromsø Outdoor cancellation policy you can find in our terms.

I have never been skiing/snowshoeing before, can I join your trip or go on my own?


YES, and you definitely should try those fabulous activities! Our guided trips are planned with beginners in mind. 
Participating in a trip helps you to just relax and enjoy the activity while we take care of the rest, but going by yourself is a great experience too, and Tromsø as a destinations has many easily accesible areas to visit. 

Snowshoeing is really easy and Tromsø offers wonderful places to explore, even if you have totally no experience. Find our recommendations on where to snowshoe or ask us for suggestions when you arrive.  Ask our team about how to use snowshoes before you head out and we will help you to get ready. Great tips on how to start and dress you Can also find on It is really simple!

Cross country skiing is a bit more complicated and we recommend you to join Tromsø Outdoor Guided cross country ski trip – beginners ski course before you continue skiing on your own. We have no chance to teach you to ski, in theory, in our rental center ;) . Joining the trip you learn good basic techniques and you can later practice your new skills. Check on Tromsø Outdoor suggestions on where to ski on your own or ask our team about tips before you head out.

What clothes should I wear in Tromsø and on your activities?


On Tromsø Outdoor activities winter clothes are not included in the price of the tour but can be rented separately at our rental center upon prior arrangement or in good time before we meet for the trip.

However all guests must wear appropriate for the weather winter clothes and warm winter boots to participate in the activity!

On the ski trip we provide special ski boots with bindings that are insulated. It is good if you bring additional pair of socks with you in case the boots do not fit perfectly. 


Cold-weather clothing is typically included in dog sledding, snowmobile driving and reindeer sleigh activities you may join in while visiting Tromsø. Some Northern Light excursions also offer a thermal suit and winter boots included, but not all of them. Always check your booking confirmations.


If you do not have clothes proper for Tromsø Arctic conditions you can rent them at Tromsø Outdoor.


To keep you warm for your stay, Tromsø Outdoor offers:

-          Exclusive Arctic Clothing Package 
(warm down jacket / thermal pants / winter boots / mittens / hat), suitable for most outdoor activities, walks around the city and northern light watching;

-          Arctic Clothing Package 
(thermal suit / winter boots / mittens / hat) is great option when you need additional insulating and windproof layer in addition to your own clothes for northern light chase or outdoor activities. 


While either of these two packages will keep you warm while outside, The Exclusive Arctic Clothing consists of a 2-piece set (jacket and thermal pants) vs. The Arctic Clothing (one-piece warm suit). 


You can rent the whole package or each piece separately. In our shop you can also buy warm underwear, mittens and hats.

You will need to wear your own warm clothing layers under the rentals to keep warm, including:

-          Base layer (wool/synthetic)

-          Thin mid-layer (wool/fleece) and

-          Thick third layer

By dressing in these layers, you will also stay warm on your city walks, northern light trips, ski/snowshoe trips, boat trips and other outdoor activities. Jeans and other cotton clothes are not the best choice for cold wet weather and snow!
Few more tips on how to dress for the clod weather in Tromsø.


On the summer trips you should wear comfortable shoes and always bring with you wind- and water- proof jacket and additional jumper in your backpack. 

I am arriving/leaving after you close, can I still rent from you?

Yes, for clothes, snowshoes, cross country skis and some bikes - we can deliver/pick up your order to/from your hotel in Tromsø. You can order service together with your rentals, remember to do so at least 2 days in advance or contact us before you book - for last moment requests.
On special request we can open the rental center for you later in the evening or early in the morning, contact us before you book. Check service costs and more details here. 

Do you offer insurance on rentals and during activities?

Tromsø Outdoor does not offer insurance on rented equipment.
We are sorry to say but we are not able to offer optional insurance for our customers and on rented equipment. It is therefore recommended that you ensure your own personal travel insurance covers you before renting our equipment. 

As a renter you are liable for the lose, theft or damage of the equipment and must cover the cost of repairing or replacing it from own travel insurance or pocket up to the cost of new equipment - if you do not return items in the same condition as you have rented them. 

We have no possibility to replace equipment fast or buy new one when the season started. Sadly, when we had insurance available, too many of our guests was distroying the equipment - especially the skis. We try to renew our stock every year so you can use equipment in good condition and hope you will take good care of it. 


Tromsø Outdoor has public liability insurance covering our business and products, but you need to ensure you have your own travel insurance covering your medical costs in case of accidents during your holidays.
Details of the insurance: Gjensidige Forsikring ASA Org nr NO-995 568 217
Insurance nr 85691962 

What is the weather going to be like in Tromsø?


We recommend you to have a look on weather forecast and weather statistics so you know what may be expected. Remember it is just a forecast and it can change within few hours.

You should always bring with you warm, wind and water proof clothes when traveling here. You can also rent winter clothes at Tromsø Outdoor Rental Center. We live in the mountains by the sea, so weather can change rapidly.

In the summer time we sometimes experience nice days with the temperatures over 20C degrees, but we also have days with 5C degrees or fresh snow in June in the mountains. 

Winters in Tromsø, thanks to the Gulfstream, are quite mild and usually we don't go lower than -14C degrees. However one hour drive can take you to the world 20C (or more) degrees colder. It is crucial for your safety and comfort that you wear proper clothes and boots in winter and remember your rain jacket in the summer. 

From January/February we usually enjoy good skiing conditions in the mountains, that last often until end of May, when skiing 24/7 under the midnight sun is possible. 

What if there is no snow or the weather is “too bad”?


Outdoor activities are weather dependent. Tromsø Outdor AS reserves the right to cancel activities at any point for safety issues.
In case we need to cancel activity due to the weather conditions eg. lack of snow or avalanche risk on the roads (we never hike in the steep areas with considered avalanche risk) we will offer you place on an alternative activity, or full refund of the tour costs. Our cancellation policy is listed in our 
terms and conditions.

In Norway we believe there is no bad weather only bad clothestherefore we do not consider “bad weather” as a reason to cancel activities and rental reservations. As long as we are safe, we enjoy being outdoors!

If you are not sure you will decide to use our rentals we recommend you to wait and rent from what is available. If you decide to place an order we reserve equipment for you (that means other people cannot book it or rent it at this time), sometimes we buy it new for you, and you will not receive refund of the rental costs, other that specified in our terms and conditionsin case you decide not to use it.

Is it not too dark for outdoor activity in winter?


Its is never too dark or to late for outdoor activities in Tromsø!

If we could we would be active and outside 24/7/356 :) People lit up a lot of lights around the houses and outdoor public areas are well lit during winter as well. That creates very special atmosphere in the town. As soon as we have the snow the ski trails are being prepared and great part of them is also lit up from early morning until midnight, so it is no problem to enjoy outdoors.

In Tromsø Polar night lasts for ca 2 months but even on the darkest days we have ca 4 hours of daylight (not sunlight) between 10 and 14. It is the time when sun is just below the horizon and our landscape is lit up with special beautiful winter light.

You can also check on the details of dark and light hours, moon and sun -set and -rise times and plan your days in accordance

Very nice perspective on our ways of life here in the north you can find in the article: Does the answer to beating the winter blues lie in a small Norwegian city?

Can I see the northern lights on your tours and in the city?

Yes it does happen, however we do not organize trips with main focus on northern lights. 

In December, January and February during our evening activity: Tromsø Winter Adventures it is dark enough to see the northern lights, and we enjoyed displays above our heads several times during this trip. That happens when we have good weather in Tromsø and there is certain level of magnetic activity when we are out. Nevertheless during this trip our main focus is on snow adventures and we do not chase the lights. 


If the weather is good (we have the clear sky) and there is an activity in the ionosphere you can see the lights in the city as well. 

You need to be patient, dress warm and it is good if you take a walk to the Prestvannet - lake in the central part of the island or to Bukta - beach on the south, as those places are a bit darker so you can see the lights better. At Tromsø Outdoor you can rent equipment needed for your private northern light trip warm clothes, tripods, thermoses, reindeer hides, headlamps and more

The biggest chance to see the lights is from 9pm till 1am but they can appear any time from 5pm till 4 am, providing it is dark enough to see them at the time of the year you are here and there is clear sky - if you can see the stars it is possible to see the auroras as well.

You can follow the earth magnetic field activity and sky view life camera at night and the weather forecast.

Can children join your trips and do you offer discounts for children?


We offer about 35% discount for children on rental of:
- clothes and shoes for children
- cross country ski equipment for children
- snowshoes for children
As children we consider children using 
equipment in child sizes and children below 16 yo travelling with parents.

We also offer lower price on some activities - for children below 12yo:
Guided Snowshoe trip on Tromsøya where we welcome children from 7/8 yo to join,
Tromsø Winter Adventures - suitable for families witch children from 3/4 years old. 

On the longer snowshoe hike and ski trip we do not book children younger than 12yo without talking with them and their parents. If you know that your kids want to do this, and they are able to walk on skis for 2-3 km or hike 3-4 hours on snow, then we welcome you to join the tour. 

For the group booking if all of the participants in the group know each other and wish to take the kids with them that should be no problem (providing they are big enough to take part in the activity). 

The age limitation on our trips is there for a reason.
Small kids usually are better than their parents in skiing but sometimes it happens they are getting discouraged by troubles with succeeding in new activity and they do not want to continue on trying and learning any more. That brings difficulties for other participants of the trip and our guides. On longer snowshoe trip the hike may be simply too demanding. 

What size of the clothes, bikes, skis or snowshoes should I book? Can I change it when I arrive?


You can find size guides in the articles about each rental article, you can also change the size of the ordered equipment once you arrive as long as we have some other equipment in suitable size available. Tromsø Outdoor cannot guarantee that equipment in size different than ordered will be available for you. 

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