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Bike on Lofoten Islands, Norway

Explore Tromsø and Northern Norway by bike!

Tromsø offers many possibilities for short, long and MTB bike trips.

The nature in the Troms is varied with many opportunities for different cycling adventures. You can discover everything from quiet country roads (both sealed and gravel) where you ride in forest and open areas between majestic mountains to narrow coastal roads around fjords and out on islands, which inspire idyllic island-hopping bike trips. 


Find a bike adventure for yourself:


Tromsø Outdoor guided bike tours

Tromsø Outdoor favourite one-day short routes

Tromsø Outdoor favourite one-day long routes

Tromsø Outdoor ideas for multi-day trips – week-long trips around Tromsø and in Northern Norway

Tromsø Outdoor recommendation for MTB routes

In each route description you will find a map with the link to the trip profile with more information.

You can extend many trips or make them shorter by taking bus, speedboat or ferry part of the way.
We can organise the transfer of bikes to all Hurtigruten ports between Kirkenes and Bodø - just ask us for more details about options.


For all the tours we recommend visit our Tromsø Outdoor BikeMap profile.

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If you have any questions just ask us at post@tromsooutdoor.no.

We are looking forward to hear from you and to see you in Tromsø soon!

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